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K9Tools is the subsidiary of The Phone Support, an organization that provides an advanced tech support across a range of platforms and software to deliver a great user experience, improved performance and the kind of handy tech support that each PC user demands.
The organization caters to the following countries viz. USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and France. The team provides support in various languages like English, French, German and Japanese. The organization has a resolution rate of 95% and millions of satisfied customers all over the world.
K9Tools brings a team of developers and experts who develop, design and deliver innovative and user friendly software for all the prospective and demanding Mac users. We are working continuously to improve our software to provide a better experience to all the Mac users exclusively. We provide the users with the best of the product in compliance with the existing technology and also to adapt to the next one. Our aim is to provide our users with the most competent and cost effective software solutions with the best of Quality.

Manufacturer: K9 Tools
Price (RRP): 19.95
Special offers:
Platforms: Windows

Product Details


K9-PCFixer’s advanced features and powerful tools help enhance PC speed with ease and improve your experience exclusively. Easiest solution to repair windows registry errors and run your PC faster!

Improve system response time

K9-PCFixer optimizes registry by removing fragmentation, deleting unused entries and compacting the registry. Once registry is defragged, it is contiguous and re-indexed which improves data access rate.

Increase computer stability

Windows Registry errors are the most common cause of windows crashes and errors. K9-PCFixer effectively cleans and optimizes your PC registry that not only makes your PC more stable but also helps it run faster.

Keep your PC error free

K9-PCFixer eliminates future hassles by scanning your registry for possible problems and removing all left over invalid entries. It cleans all invalid entries and improves efficiency.

K9-PCFixer Features

  • Registry Scan
  • Registry Defrag
  • Complete Backup and Undo functionality
  • In built Scheduler
  • Easy to use, user friendly interface


K9-PCUtilities fixes up errors, speeds up and fine tunes the entire PC in just a few simple clicks. PC users and hard core PC gamers get the best out of this utility software.

What does K9-PCUtilities do?

K9-PCUtilities is an overall system optimizer performing multiple tasks making it the smartest utility software

Key Features & Benefits

  • Maintain privacy and security
  • Eliminate duplicacy
  • Fine-tuned and speedy system
  • Free up ample of disk space

Why do I need K9-PCUtilities?

  • Easily carry out multiple tasks like disk fragmentation, cleaning junk files and many more
  • Maintain privacy and security of their systems
  • Gain a faster and better gaming experience
  • Easily recover accidentally deleted data and files
  • Resolve sudden system crashes and application freezes
  • Remove duplicate files from their systems


K9-DriverUpdater is a utility tool that scans the system for outdated drivers and updates them to the latest and genuine ones in a click.

Why do I need K9-DriverUpdater?

A driver is a software that communicates with the hardware of a computer system. Sans a driver, any hardware device connected to a PC won't work properly. Most of the drivers are installed along with the operating system. With course of time, these drivers get outdated resulting in poor system performance and hardware functionality. This is why it is mandatory to keep the drivers on the system up-to-date.

Manually updating device drivers is not easy for some users since they initially have to find out the model name and number of the device driver, then visit the manufacturer's website and download and install the latest drivers from there. Searching for compatible drivers over the net might be problematic at times. K9-DriverUpdater does this easily and efficiently without having to look up on the manufacturer's website.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Keeps drivers up-to-date
  • Backup and restore of drivers
  • Exclusion list of drivers
  • Scheduled driver scan
  • Fully compatible with latest operating systems

Update your PC's drivers to the latest ones in just a click with K9-DriverUpdater.

  • Keep drivers up-to-date
  • Backup and Restore
  • Schedule Driver Scan
  • Exclude Drivers from List
  • Full Compatibility with Latest Operating Systems

K9-PC Protector

K9-PC Protector detects all kinds of malware present in the system and removes them completely at once.

Why do I need K9-PC Protector?

K9-PC Protector removes malware infections existing on users' PC. Malware is the acronym for malicious software and it disrupts the flow of computer operations adversely.
K9-PC Protector acts as a protection shield for the system against malware threats. It provides protection against the malicious items on a user's PC. Its key function is to detect and remove the malware software that has already got installed on the system.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Free infection scan
  • World class 24x7 telephonic and email support
  • 100% protection against malware
  • Free updates regularly
  • Light on system resources

Why you'll love K9-PC Protector?

  • Clean malware in a single click
  • Identify degree of threat
  • Detailed report of infection scan
  • Customize Scanning as per user's convenience
  • Automatically generate a detailed log for every scan
  • Manage startup programs

K9-Disk Speedup

K9-Disk Speedup scans, analyzes, cleans and optimizes the system efficaciously and ensures an optimum performance of the system.

Why do I need K9-Disk Speedup?

Initially, a newly purchased computer consists of files properly organized and these files are easily accessible. Once a whole lot of programs, applications, softwares, games etc. are installed, the disk gets fragmented in such a way that parts of a file are stored in random locations in the disk. This consumes a lot of time locating these files.

K9-Disk Speedup arranges fragmented files contiguously and scans the disk and removes fragmentation completely and effectively. Scattered data can hence be accessed quickly and a lot of free space is created, making the system faster in speed.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Optimize disk drives
  • Boost system's performance
  • Identify and remove redundant files
  • Stabilize and secure the system by repairing file errors
  • Eliminate disk fragmentation


  • Easy to use
  • Minimal space needed for effective defragmentation
  • Clean junk files easily and safely
  • Identifies and removes redundant files to increase efficiency
  • Fix hard disk errors
  • Hard disk health check-up
  • Disk information is stored
  • Disk analysis report with graphical view


K9-MacOptimizer's advanced features and powerful tools help enhance Mac speed with ease and improve your experience exclusively.

Why K9-MacOptimizer?

K9-MacOptimizer is an expert and easy-to-use solution for your Mac. It offers an easy way to clean, secure and optimize your Mac to keep it running smoothly and faster.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder scans your Mac for duplicate files that waste hard disk space. It identifies duplicate files and allows you to remove them to recover precious disk space.


Uninstaller allows you to remove applications panes along with their associated files. It removes the applications safely and completely.


  • Clean your Mac in single click
  • Free up space on your hard drive
  • Speed up your Mac by removing junk files
  • Delete sensitive and confidential data securely
  • Optimize your hard drive and make your Mac more stable

One Click Cleaning

  • Cleans system and user cache files
  • Cleans system and user log files
  • Removes redundant parts of applications
  • Removes all unneeded languages of localized applications
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