SecureMac Overview

Mac security is a more serious problem than most people think. It’s true that Macintosh computers have lower security risks than the average PC, but running security software for Macs is every bit as essential.

SecureMac has operated at the cutting edge of Apple security for over a decade. They produce some of the best security software for Mac computers on the market. And they’ve won the awards to prove it.

Whether you want to improve your online privacy or remove malware threats, SecureMac make Mac security software you can trust. The internet is littered with hidden menaces and new malware is made every day.

Manufacturer: SecureMac Inc.
Price (RRP): $49.99
Special offers: discounts for multiple computers
Platforms: OS X 10.8+
Requirements: Mac OS X 10.8 or higher
Macintosh Computer with a 64-bit processor
500 MB of available disk space
Active internet connection for Malware definition updates

Product Details

MacScan 3

Complete Security & Privacy Protection for your Mac. Removes Malware, Adware, Tracking Cookies and Known Threats.

Mac Malware Removal with MacScan 3

Mac malware removal is essential these days. Malware authors are targeting OS X with increasing frequency and, although there’s more Mac malware activity now than ever before, many users are still unprotected against these threats. MacScan protects your mac from malware, scanning and removing it for much-needed security and privacy.

Detect & remove Mac malware

MacScan will find and clean malware threatening your Mac, including:
Trojan Horses
Keystroke Loggers

Clean up internet clutter

MacScan can seek out and destroy privacy threats such as blacklisted tracking cookies, leaving the rest of your browsing data in place, or free up valuable hard drive space by locating and removing unnecessary files left behind by web browsers. All of this is in addition to removing malware threats.

New Malware Scanner

  • Built from the ground up to combat the latest malware threats, the new scan engine offers faster detection and stronger protection for your Mac.

Easy to use. Easy to understand.

  • An easy-to-use interface provides complete control over malware scans, featuring drag-and-drop scanning, a customizable cookie blacklist and whitelist, logs of previous scan results and activity, and more.
  • Notification Center
    Ensuring you’re all up-to-date has never been easier.
  • Schedule your scans
    Schedule your malware scans when you are away!
  • Help
    An in-depth user guide, manual and support is only 1-click away

MacScan subscription includes

  • Protection Against Malware Threats
  • Internet Clutter Cleanup
  • Tracking Cookie Blacklist
  • Malware Definition Updates
  • Scheduled Scanning
  • Security Advisory Notifications
  • Knowledge Base Access
  • Online Tech Support


Protect your Mac from prying eyes. The award winning Secure Cleaner App to erase your browser history, cache files and cover your tracks from sites visited to computer activity.

Apple privacy like never before.

Apple privacy concerns can be a thing of the past. PrivacyScan securely removes files used for tracking your computer usage and online whereabouts, including internet browsing history, cache files, cookies, search history, recent items, and much more.

Shreds private files. Securely.

PrivacyScan utilizes advanced secure delete algorithms that meet and exceed US Department of Defense recommendations to ensure complete removal of sensitive data for your Apple computer. Private files remain private once they’re deleted.

Recovers disk space. Cleans.

Over time, data from your web browser can fill up your hard drive and slow down your computer. PrivacyScan locates and removes these space hogs, freeing up valuable disk space and giving your system a speed boost in the process.

Identifies over 100 privacy concerns.

  • With PrivacyScan, you can destroy these hidden threats -- saving space on your system and keeping your personal information from prying eyes.

Setup assistant. Quick & easy.

  • The first time you run Privacy Scan, a setup assistant will walk you through the process of customizing and configuring the program to fit your needs.

Detect & discover. App detection.

  • PrivacyScan will alert you when new apps are installed that could contain privacy concerns, offering options to detect and remove new threats.

PrivacyScan supports the following apps

  • Camino
  • Chromium
  • Chrome
  • Finder
  • FireFox
  • Flock
  • iCab
  • OmniWeb
  • Opera
  • Preview
  • QuickTime
  • Safari
  • SeaMonkey
  • Shiira
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