Defender Pro Overview

Defender Pro was created for the sole purpose of providing its users with the best and most innovative online security and computer protection possible, while making it user-friendly and affordable. Here at Defender Pro, we believe that everyone has a right to be protected by the best possible product and security solutions at an affordable price.

With millions of satisfied North American customers, Defender Pro is a leader in providing solutions to help individuals and businesses guarantee the security, availability, and integrity of their information, no matter what.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with rock-solid technology and security solutions that ensure their digital protection goes uncompromised and that it suits their specific security needs. With Award Winning technology solutions, Defender Pro provides a variety of unique security solutions to ensure that every customer is protected the way they need to be protected.

Manufacturer: Defender Pro
Price (RRP): from $29.95 to $59.95
Special offers:
Platforms: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and Windows XP, Mac
Requirements: Intel or AMD 1.66GHz+ or equivalent
Min. 1.5 GB RAM (Windows 7, 8)
Min. 1 GB RAM (Windows XP)
3GB available disk space (additional temporary and quarantine space needed)

Product Details

Defender Pro Total

Provides Total Peace of Mind for You and Your Family.


Detect and remove viruses, spyware, ransomware and other threats with our award winning antivirus technology. Surf and Search safely on any PC or laptop.

Privacy and Security

Protect yourself and your family from from identity thieves, data theft and spyware with our real time internet security scan engine. Internet Security helps ensure that your online activities and browsing habits remain private, blocking hidden programs that track and steal your personal information.

Firewall Control Center

The Firewall Control Center provides you with easy to use tools to ensure continuous monitoring and protection during all your online activity, providing real time threat alerts when needed.

Key Features

  • Antivirus & Internet Security
  • Licenced for 3 PC's for 1 year
  • Real time threat detection
  • Toll Free Support 9-5 PST

Defender Driver Control

Update all drivers on your PC in one click!

The problem: You may have hardware of devices in your system that throw up red flags now and then because of compatibility problems or outdated functionality. Some devices may not work ata all or you may have trouble getting your printer, scanner, or another external device to operate in the way it is supposed to.

The solution: Driver Updater will check your computer for potential driver problems, give you a report on outdated or missing drivers it detects, and let you quickly update them to the latest manufacturere-recommended versions.

  • Get all Device drivers up to date
  • Prevent hardware malfunction
  • Ensure smoother perfomance
  • Easy to use

Defender Driver Control Features

  • Provides Version Detail
  • Provides Driver Source
  • Installs Drivers For You
  • Scans Scheduler
  • Backup & Restore Tools
  • Driver Exclusion

Saves you time

  • You can update all drivers in one click compared to manually searching the web for the right update for each of your drivers.

Ensures compatibility

  • Only official driver versions made specifically for your device type and model are downloaded and installed onto your PC.

Backs up for safety

  • Backups are created prior to updating drivers so you can always go back to the previous driver version if you don't like the updated one.

Award Winning Quality

  • Exclusive Defender Pro technology is proven safe and effective in multiple tests, used by PC manufacturers and recommended by experts.

Defender Pro PC Medic

PC Medic Can Help You Fall in Love With Your Computer All Over Again!

Optimize your settings

PC Medic also includes our Award Winning PC Optimizer! PC Medic will scan your system to see what settings can be optimized for better speed and performance. These settings are often hidden deep in Windows and only known to IT experts.

Clean Up Startup Items

Do dozens of programs open whenever your computer starts up? With our Startup Items Manager, you can see each and every item that is scheduled to open at startup. PC Medic can manage these items for you by deleting, disabling, or delaying unneeded items and help speed up startup time!

Scan & Repair Problems

Our system-cleaning technology is better than ever! Scan your system for invalid entries, duplicate items, missing references, and other system debris. Fixing some registry issues can help substantially improve PC performance. Check out what PC Medic can do for your computer.

In just a few clicks PC Medic can

  • Speedup Your Slow PC
  • Speedup Your PC Startup Times
  • Eliminate and Prevent PC Errors
  • Help Prevent Freezes & Crashes
  • Improve Your Overall PC Performance

PC Medic Key Features

  • Repairs Errors in the Windows Registry
  • System Boot Program Manager
  • Cleans Junk Files, Freeing Up Space
  • 100% Secure Optimization!
  • 9/5 Free Technical Support

Defender Pro Mac Medic

Have you noticed your Mac is running slower? Mac Medic is an incredibly fast and efficient disk utility to optimize your Mac! Mac Medic gets your Mac back in shape with quick, essential tools to increase battery life, speed up workflow, and organize files and folders. Mac Medic keeps your Mac running smoothly.

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