BeLight Software Overview

BeLight Software, founded in January 2003, specializes in the development and distribution of software and technologies for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, and Android. Our solutions cover business and personal productivity, desktop publishing, 3D home design, and games.

With a large team of developers, designers, QA engineers, and marketers, BeLight Software works day in and day out on developing beautiful, powerful, and user-friendly apps, as well as making sure that the word gets out to users in need of our solutions. Counting clicks and checking every pixel, we at BeLight Software strive to provide only the best apps for only the best platforms!

Manufacturer: BeLight Software
Price (RRP): from $4.99 to $49.99
Special offers:
Platforms: Windows
Available Languages English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Spanish languages.

Product Details

Live Home 3D

Evolved from Live Interior 3D, the new Live Home 3D is advanced home and interior design software. Ever wished to design the house of your dreams on your Windows 10 device? Live Home 3D can deliver! This interior design software can assist both homeowners planning some home renovations and interior design professionals visualizing their projects.

2D Plan and 3D View Modes

Live Home 3D automatically creates 3D visualisation once you’ve drawn a floor plan. The latter can be built from scratch or traced from an imported image using the smart tools the app offers.

Furniture and Material Collections

Interior can be decorated by picking up the desired color and arranging furniture in an easy way in both 2D and 3D modes. With Live Home 3D the whole process is easy and fun.

Large Object Collection

Live Home 3D’s internal library includes kitchen sets, sofas, tables, chairs, windows, stairs, and many other items. The program also directly integrates with Trimble 3D Warehouse™, a huge online storage of 3D models, where you can download any missing object.

Stunning Results

  • Live Home 3D produces detailed floor plans and 3d visualization which can be shared with clients, colleagues, friends and family. A project can be exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP. It also supports export into 360° Panorama JPEG images.

Floor Plan Creation

  • Create 2D plans with intuitive, point-and-click building tools. Easily measure out walls and rooms. Place doors and windows, add furniture. Set cameras and movie tracks to shoot the interior design views.

Automatic 3D Visualization

  • 3D Visualization is automatically built once you switch from 2D to 3D view. The structure can be observed using Orbit, Look and Walk tools. Changes can be applied in easy drag-and-drop workflow. Arrange furniture, paint walls, adjust the lighting, and walk the interior in a realistic, beautiful, real-time 3D environment.

Variety of Furniture and Materials

  • The built-in library contains over 1,500 objects and over 2,100 materials. Easily changing fabrics, finishes, and colors, you can decide which color scheme and materials fit in with each other best. Quickly rearrange furniture to find perfect room layout.

Export Capabilities

  • Each view of the project in any mode can be exported to various formats. Floor plans and snapshots of an interior can be exported to JPEG, TIFF, PNG,BMP, or 360° Panorama JPEG file formats. Also, parts of a project, the whole floor or the whole project can be saved as a 3D model. It is also easy to set a camera path and to record a 3D video walkthrough of the project.

Live Home 3D Pro

Live Home 3D Pro includes more tools and output options for home design enthusiasts working on PC or Mac. These additional features and opportunities make the program more powerful, yet it’s still remaining as fun and easy to use as the standard edition. It is powerful enough to design skyscrapers and intuitive enough to build something as simple as a shed.

Create Advanced Floor Plans

Every interior design project begins with a well-thought-out 2D floor plan, which is easy to achieve using Live Home 3D Pro’s advanced yet still intuitive, point-and-click drafting tools.

Elevation View

The project can be explored and edited from the 2D side view. This feature lets adjust doors and windows, insert niches, openings, and panels, precisely arrange furniture, and more.

Light Editor

Add a custom light source to any object and take full control over light attenuation, glow, and direction.

Video Tutorials

  • Creating a Floor Plan
  • Working with Objects
  • Applying Materials
  • Adding a Roof
  • Customizing an AutoRoof
  • Working With Dormers
  • Elevation View
  • Creating Videos


Printworks is a super-intuitive, all-purpose page layout and desktop publishing app for the Mac. It doesn’t matter what kind of document you need to layout and print — from brochures and calendars to CD labels and eye-catching, professional business cards — Printworks covers it all.

500+ Professional Templates

Printworks contains over 500 templates of diverse print projects, including bi-fold and tri-fold brochures, catalogs, business cards, social media, disc labels and covers, address labels and much more. Additional free templates are also available.

Rich Clipart Collections

Printworks is loaded with 2,000 clipart images and 100 image masks. Additonal 40,000 images and 100 fonts are available with Extras Pack for just $9.99.

If that’s not enough, you can buy any of over 60 million professional-quality images offered by Depositphotos directly from Printworks at a very reasonable price.

Two-Page Spreads

When designing magazines, newspapers and other multi-page materials, viewing and editing two pages side-by-side greatly facilitates the process.

What Can I Design with Printworks?

  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Business Cards
  • Discs and Covers
  • Labels and Envelopes
  • Greeting Cards

Layout & Design

  • Spread View Mode
  • Customizable Grid
  • Improved Text Box Linking
  • Pixel and Pica Measurements
  • Easier Layer Management

Style & Performance

  • Optimized for macOS High Sierra
  • Stylish New Interface
  • Touch Bar Supported
  • Significantly Improved Performance

Useful Add-ons

  • 2D and 3D Text Style Presets
  • New Templates
  • Art Text 3 Integration
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Depositphotos Integration

Disc Cover

Disc Cover is your one-stop application for designing and printing CD labels, multipage booklets, DVD covers, jewel case inserts, spines, and more. From start to finish, you'll find it easy to design CD labels and covers thanks to a large collection of template kits, seamless integration with iTunes, Photos, iPhoto, Aperture, and iDVD, as well as a slick and user-friendly interface.

Rich Graphic Collections

This advanced CD label maker comes equipped with over 250 template sets, 1,000 clipart images, 60 photo collages, 120 backgrounds, and a complete set of flexible text, design, and layout tools. Want to expand your clipart collection? Get over 40,000 images and get 100 additional fonts with the Extras Pack for just $9.99.

Diverse Import Capabilities

Disc Cover seamlessly integrates with your favorite Apple applications. Import track info and lyrics from your iTunes library, pictures from Photos, iPhoto or Aperture, as well as video from iDVD projects, iTunes, and QuickTime movies in the Finder.

Your LightScribe Software for Mac

Our CD label software helps to laser etch your CD labels using LightScribe* drives. Disc Cover offers a variety of CD templates optimized for LightScribe.

Enjoy Impressive Results

  • Print your CD labels or DVD covers on any of hundreds of paper layouts from Avery, Neato, Memorex, and others. If not, no worries, you can easily create custom layouts. If your HP, Epson, Canon or any other printer has disc tray, Disc Cover will print right on the disc.

Key Features

  • 250+ Customizable Templates
  • iTunes Integration
  • Photo Collages and Backgrounds
  • Barcodes and Serial Numbers
  • Extensive Design Toolkit
  • Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF
  • Direct CD Printing
  • 1,000+ Clipart Images
  • Working with Photos
  • Use Video Frames as Pictures
  • Flexible Text Tools
  • Art Text Plug-In
  • LightScribe
  • Print on Label Paper

Business Card Composer

Business Card Composer, the first DIY business card maker for Mac, helps businesses of all sizes and freelancers create and print beautiful, professional business cards in just a few easy steps. Take advantage of over 740 ready-made business card templates or use the array of design tools to build your personal business card from the ground up, no design experience needed.

Rich Graphic Collections

Business Card Composer is supplied with more than 740 professionally designed templates, 1,000 clipart images, a robust image editor , and a complete set of flexible text, design, and layout tools. And it’s not all! You can purchase Extras Pack for just $9.99 to expand your clipart collection to over 40,000 images and get 100 additional fonts.

Pull Contact Info from Apple Contacts

Change the contact information on your business cards with just one click of the mouse thanks to direct integration with Apple Contacts. All of the smart data field are filled out with the new information instantly. Also import photos for name badges from Contacts, Photos, iPhoto, and Aperture and contact info from a text file.

Google Maps and QR Codes

Want to include a map with your business location? What about a QR code for easy data import on smart phones? Quickly create a map with driving directions from Google Maps and generate a QR code with any information of your choice right from inside this easy business card maker.

Flexible Printing Techniques

  • Business Card Composer can print a batch with one design for one person, one design for multiple employees, or print multiple designs all in one batch. It supports Avery, APLI, Decadry, and other popular business card paper manufacturers. Moreover, you can export your designs to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats that will correspond to the local printshop requirements.

Key Features

  • Over 740 Themed Templates
  • Smart Text Fields
  • Support for Popular Card Paper
  • QR Code Generator
  • Smart Layout Guides
  • Smart Batch Printing
  • Art Text Plug-In
  • Direct Integration with Apple Contacts
  • Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS, and PDF
  • Powerful Image Effects
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Over 1,000 Clipart Image
  • Import Photos
  • 600 Fonts with Font Kit

Swift Publisher

Swift Publisher is a page layout and desktop publishing app for Mac. This software provides all you need for creating impressive and professional-looking documents such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, booklets, newsletters, calendars, posters, menus, cards, Facebook and Twitter covers and many more.

Professionally Designed Templates

Swift Publisher for Mac contains over 300 pre-designed templates for various document types. You will find two-fold and tri-fold brochures, catalogs, facing pages, social media, and many other templates.

Rich Clipart Collections

Swift Publisher comes with 2,000 clipart images and 100 image masks. You can extend that with 40,000 images and 100 additional fonts with Extras Pack for just $9.99.

If that’s not enough, you can buy any of over 60 million professional-quality images offered by Depositphotos within Swift Publisher for Mac at very attractive prices.

Headings to Stand Out

A collection of 2D and 3D state of the art heading presets adds to the professional look of your documents. Want to create your own text styles? Art Text 3 integration will assist you with that (Art Text 3 purchase required).

Style & Performance

  • Stylish New Interface
  • Touch Bar Supported
  • Optimized for macOS 10.13
  • Significantly Improved Performance

Layout & Design

  • Spread View Mode
  • Customizable Grid
  • Improved Text Box Linking
  • Pixels and Picas Measurements
  • Easier Layer Management

Useful Add-ons

  • Depositphotos Integration
  • 2D and 3D Text Style Presets
  • Art Text 3 Integration
  • New Templates
  • Google Maps Integration

Two-Page Spreads

  • With Swift Publisher for Mac, it’s convenient to view and edit two pages side-by-side. This functionality is very convenient for working with magazines, newspapers and other multi-page materials.

Master Pages

  • Master pages are great for creating repeating content: header, footer, page number and a common background for your documents.

Extensive Design Tools

  • Using drawing tools, gradient fills, shadows, image tiling, over 100 image masks, a built-in image editor with Core Image filters and other tools, you'll find that the design solutions are endless.

Labels & Addresses

Labels & Addresses is a DIY productivity tool that helps with mass mailings by printing labels, envelopes, and barcodes for personal and commercial use. Quickly and easily print envelopes, greeting cards, mailing labels, price tags, and labels for things around the house or office. The merge printing capabilities make sending out mass mailings effortless. Print out labels for all contacts in a mailing list by importing addresses from Apple Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, Numbers (iWork '09) and Excel files, and many other sources.

Batch Print Labels for Multiple Contacts

Envelopes and mailing labels can easily be created and printed using contact information stored in Apple Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, Numbers, Microsoft Excel*, Now Contact, FileMaker, vCards, or tab-delimited text files. Then save those contacts to the internal address book to create and reuse mailing lists.

All-in-One Mailing Tool

Labels & Addresses prints Intelligent Mail, USPS, POSTNET, Canada Post, and Royal Mail barcodes on labels and envelopes to ensure fast and accurate delivery. With formatting for over 50 countries, over 15 address templates (corporate, personal, and others), and automatic address recognition, Labels & Addresses is your one-stop, international mailing solution.

Label Paper Support and Label Printers

Print all of your labels on popular label stock from Avery, APLI, A-One, and many other U.S., European, and Asian manufacturers. Labels & Addresses also prints directly to popular label printers such as DYMO LabelWriter, Seiko SLP, Brother QL, and others.

Industry-Standard Barcodes

  • Small business owners can speedily create price tags with industry-standard Code 39, Code 128, EAN-8/13, UPC-A/E, ISBN, and Data Matrix barcodes. Barcode data, such as prices or product codes, can seamlessly be read from a text file. Then price your entire inventory in one batch of labels.

Key Features

  • Easily Import Addresses
  • Postal Barcodes
  • Quick Address Formatting
  • Barcodes and Serial Numbers
  • Extensive Design Toolkit
  • Label Printers
  • Mail Merge
  • International Address Formats
  • Address Recognition
  • 280+ Customizable Templates
  • Over 1,000 Clipart Images
  • Support for Popular Label Stock

Art Text 3

Art Text is graphic design software specifically tuned for lettering, typography, text mockups and various artistic text effects. Supplied with a great variety of ready to use styles and materials, selection of textures, icons, fonts and backgrounds, special designed effects and shape transformations, Art Text guarantees striking appearance of your badges, logos, cards, flyers and presentations. Both professional designers and amateurs will be amazed by the exceptional ease of creating sophisticated effects such as realistic 3D text with any natural material on it — wood, rust, shatter glass, or even chocolate, soft shadow and glow, graphics painted by oil or watercolors, aged and grunge style, and many more.

Styles and Materials

Art Text comes packed with a wide selection of text styles, surface materials, and effects. You are not bound by any of the presets, let your creativity take flight by playing around with textures, surface bump maps, environment textures, light spots and shadows, and other settings to come up with new materials.

3D Text

Art Text implements 3D modeling engine which helps to convert any text, symbol or pictogram to 3D. Our graphic design software embeds 3D renderer together with tons of customizable 3D materials to ensure super realistic results every time.

Applying Masks

Tweak text finishing with a variety of masks to render an aged text or a scratched look, as well you may add a stamped effect with just one click. Easily experiment with settings and combine masks with other effects to get a somewhat unexpected, but impressive result.

Shading Materials

  • Special 2D materials open the door to an array of visual effects, such as bumping or embossing, you may also apply a glass, plastic or gold finish, you can make the surface glossy, matted, bright or faded, as well as giving your graphic a fascinating watercolor, oil paint, pencil or drawing look. The most demanding users will find the material editor handy for creating their own Shading Materials.

Photo Textures

  • Go beyond simple color fill by applying photo textures to give your text a grunge, nature, wood, paper, stone, or a watercolor texture as well as many more surfaces. All textures are tileable, allowing you to achieve uniform surfaces no matter the setting of the texture scale.

Bend and Warp Text

  • Using geometry transformations, you can give the text a wavy, slanted and inflated look or give it any other shape that you can think of.

Icons, Symbols and Shapes

  • Hundreds of preloaded vector icons, symbols, shapes, paint stains, watercolor blobs, and spots that can be used like LEGO pieces in logo design.

Key Features

  • Customizable Templates
  • Fill Tools
  • 2D Effects
  • Graphic Content
  • 3D Materials
  • 3D Effects
  • Geometry Transformations
  • Sharing the Result

Art Text for Windows

Art Text is a vector design app for Microsoft's Windows platform. Quickly create sophisticated title art for Powerpoint presentations, logos, icons, web graphics, and buttons in an intuitive, easy-to-use touch interface. This app is a must-have for logo and web designers, teachers and students, small business owners, and anyone who has a knack for creativity. Use the results in Powerpoint, Word, Publisher, and other design and DTP apps.

Shape Library and Vector Editor

Take advantage of the library of over 110 fully customizable vector icons and shapes or draw your own using the powerful Vector Editor. Apply effects and fills to each of the shapes and combine them into complex objects thanks to Art Text's layer-based workflow and easy-to-use guides and layout tools.

Shaders, Textures, and Gradients

Art Text comes with a collection of customizable shaders and photo textures that you can use to fill objects. Also apply a radial or linear gradient with up to three colors and apply a shadow, stroke, or glow. Shaders can be quickly customized by changing the color, bevel, light direction, and depth.

Bend and Warp Text

Make your Powerpoint presentations attract more attention by creating stylized headings for your slides. Using 20 different text transformations, you can bring text to life and give it a sense of motion and shape. Wrap text around objects and bend and warp it to your heart's content!

What Can I Design with Art Text?

  • Stylized Titles
  • Logos
  • App Icons
  • Buttons
  • Vector Illustrations

Key Features

  • Over 100 Customizable Templates
  • Create Shapes in the Vector Editor
  • Shader Materials
  • Radial and Linear Gradients
  • Layer-Based Workflow
  • 110 Vector Icons and Shapes
  • Bend and Warp Text
  • Photo Textures
  • Shadows and Glow
  • Use the Results Anywhere

Image Tricks

Need to colorize a recent shot of the Golden Gate? Trying to create a mosaic out of some photos of flowers? Image Tricks is a free picture editor for Mac that uses Core Image filters to liven up and transform your photo collection. Also digitally frame and apply image masks to your favorite pictures and share them with family and friends. In a word, Image Tricks is an easy-to-use toolkit for making photos you take everyday more wonderful!

Easily Apply Effects to Photos

Image Tricks sports over 110 Core Image filters and 35 Quartz Compositions to modify your pictures. Colorize, distort, tile, and adjust levels. Most of the filters and compositions have easy-to-use, customizable parameters to help you get results that impress.

Beautiful Picture Frames

We're used to frames hanging around the house, but sometimes you just want to frame a picture on your hard drive and email it to friends and family. Use over 20 customizable photo frames, some of which are even paintable, allowing you to choose the color.

Random Images for Backgrounds

Need an engaging, abstract background for a design project? Image Tricks contains 13 unique image generators that produce colorful images on the fly. Just select one, play with the parameters, and enjoy the beautiful results!

What's in Image Tricks?

  • Core Image Filters
  • Quartz Compositions
  • Image Masks
  • Photo Frames
  • Image Generators

Get Backup Pro

Imagine it. One day your Mac with all family photos, valuable documents and emails refuses to boot up. Don't find yourself in this situation. Start backing up your files today! Keep your data safe with Get Backup Pro, our backup, archive, disk cloning, and folder sync software for Mac. Quickly back up data, create bootable and encrypted backups, sync folders, and be confident that your data is safely stored in case of system failure or information loss.

Data Backup

Use Get Backup Pro to make a copy of your data. Created backups are incremental, which means that only the new files that were not present during the original backup are copied. In each subsequent backup, thanks to using hard links to the original files, the backup folder looks like a full backup, but takes very little additional storage space over the original.

Create backups using templates for iTunes, Mail, Contacts, Documents, and Photos. Set up backup encryption and automated backup schedule.

Secure Backup Archives the Easy Way

Choose between a full or incremental backup archives, and even encrypt it using AES-128, AES-256, Blowfish, or Triple DES. Just set up an automated backup schedule and choose to archive your files to an external disk, network volume, or CD and DVD, and let Get Backup Pro keep your data safe. Later, restore archives on any computer without having Get Backup Pro installed.

Bootable Backups via Cloning

Migrating to a new disk has never been easier or faster. With the cloning feature, clone your disk volume to get a backup disk that can be booted up at any moment, whether you have new APFS or traditional HFS+. If the disk in your Mac fails, just take it out and restore from clone to get back to work without losing any time. Or, if you're waiting for a new disk, boot up using the clone as an external drive. Say goodbye to long, tedious restore processes!

Keep Folders in Sync

  • Synchronize files and folders on your Mac with another computer or mounted drive using the sync features. Sync in one direction or update files in both locations using bidirectional synchronization. As with backing up files, sync projects can be scheduled to run at a certain time on any day, so Get Backup Pro does the work for you.

Key Features

  • Incremental and Compressed Backups
  • Encrypted Backups
  • Backup to CD and DVD
  • Stealth Mode for Scheduled Backups
  • Templates for App Data
  • Bootable Backups
  • Backup to External or Network Volumes
  • Automatic Backup and Sync
  • Folder Synchronization
  • Restore to Any Computer

A Perfect Companion for Time Machine

  • Get Backup Pro can serve as a good addition to Time Machine as it has some extra features. With Get Backup Pro you can create bootable backups using disk cloning functionality, encrypted backups to keep your data safe, choose which files or folders to back up, compress your archives, back up mounted and network disks.


Have files you wish to keep out of sight? Ever wanted to keep credit card details convenient to access and safe on your Mac? Concealer helps by keeping files and confidential information secure, out of sight, and organized, right on your Mac. This reliable encryption software stores information in the form of cards and uses industry-standard methods of data encryption (AES-256) to protect information such as credit card numbers, website passwords, software license codes, confidential files and photos, and much more. Note that the free trial has no time limits, but allows you to store a restricted amount of information.

Secure Account Information

This password manager comes with card templates that make it quick and easy to store credit card details, passwords and login information, software serial numbers, and much more. Just choose a category and copy your data into the fields. Without your master password, no one will ever be able to find this encrypted data.

Hide Files and Folders

Our encryption software not only hides your files, but also protects them by putting them in a sparse bundle with AES-256 encryption. Use only the master password or assign a separate password for each file vault to double the protection. Adding files is as simple as dragging and dropping them from the Finder. Easy and effective.

Use Note Cards for Text

Already have information stored in the form of a text file? Just copy and paste it right into a note card and format it inside of Concealer. Have a journal or diary? Use note cards to keep those safe, too! What it comes down to is that regardless of the type of information, Concealer can protect it!

Why Do I Need Encryption Software

  • Safely store all of your credit card numbers
  • Bring your app licenses into one secure location
  • Conceal and encrypt files of any and all types
  • Never forget a username or password again
  • Store notes and text files with sensitive data

Key Features

  • Card Templates
  • Custom Card Icons
  • Quick Sorting
  • Master Password
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Double Protection for Files
  • Autolock
  • Password Generator
  • Remote Repository
  • Export Cards

You're controlling the railroad today! Build tracks and guide trains to their stations, keep the rail yard collision-free. Control the railroad switches and signals to lead trains from Point A to Point B to rake in money and earn achievements.


  • Build tracks between stations and optimize the routes to get the trains to their stations on time.
  • Earn three stars on each level to unlock next 5 levels, or buy an unlock through In App Purchase.
  • 12 different trains keep you on your toes as you progress through the game. Trains with a long line of cargo, those with time bombs, vigilante trains that won't stop, and many others!
  • Earn all kinds of achievements and compete with other Rails players throughout the world in the Game Center.
  • Manage the railroad switches and control the railway signals to keep trains on course and crash-free.
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