DefenceByte Overview

Defencebyte is an Australia based company rendering all pervasive security solutions for your devices and operating system. We are ardently focused to provide a sound internet atmosphere and safe browsing experience to keep you away from all sorts of malware infestations and security issues. Being abreast with latest technologic know-hows we ensure to pacify all your internet related anxieties and online safety concerns.

Manufacturer: DefenceByte
Price (RRP): From $38.95 to $121.95
Special offers:
Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, both 32bit and 64 bit
Requirements: CPU: Pentium 233 MHz or above
RAM: 128 MB or above
Disk Space: the minimum of the space for installing Anti-Ransomware is 500 MB

Malware Removal

defencebyte Antimalware excels in removing hardcore malware, spyware, adware and any such type of security bugs that puts your PC at risk.

Real Time Protection

Quick and effective malware scanning and preventive redemption from future malware infections.

Browser Cleanup

Eliminates nuisance browser add-ons, unwanted apps and toolbars, hence rescuing your PC from Adware with this efficient Adware cleaner.

Ransomware Protection

  • Bolster your defense system against ransomware with defencebyte Antimalware protection.

Reliable Security Solution

  • Resort to our sturdy security products for a spurt in your PC performance and to augment your online experience.

Product Details


defencebyte Anti-ransomware is proficient of making its multi-layer structure work simultaneously for identifying, prevention, and fixing any ransomware threat. It is proficient to detect the ransomware patterns whether it’s in the pre-execution or the run-time mode. Online working and PC usage will be quite smooth with it.


  • Scan Hidden Ransomware.
  • Easy to Access and Friendly Interface.
  • Easy to Install, setup, and run.
  • Assure automatic and on-time update.
  • Interface is quite simple and clean.
  • Scan every suspicious URL.

Computer Optimizer

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is an outstanding Registry Cleaner and Computer Optimizer that integrates comprehensive technologies to analyze and rectify PC issues and registry malfunctions.


  • Boosts PC performance
  • Fix System Issues
  • Light weight
  • Clean up computer's registry
  • Remove invalid programs
  • Easy to set up and run

Privacy Shield

Defencebyte Privacy Shield is a robust way to delete all tracks and records of your activities, file usage, web browsing history, and chat records. It allows cleaning either all or some specific information upon choice, while enabling dummy information embedding with the history files. Defencebyte Privacy Shield software leaves no footprints of your online activities, means no one will be able to track your web activities.

Cleans PC File History

defencebyte Privacy Shield helps sweeping both online and offline browsing history. Records of all recently used files, apps, viewed videos and more, are gone in a tap.

Cleans Internet Browsing History

Just one click and you can easily delete every iota of your online activities. It helps wiping all traces and history of your online activities, so that no one will ever know what you browsed and when.

Comprehensive Privacy Protection

Give your privacy advance protection with defencebyte Privacy Shield. It mops all the track records from your browser. Forget worries of hackers and scammers, as your private user names, passwords and filled forms that were usually remembered by the browsers, cannot be tracked now.

All Popular Browsers Supported

  • defencebyte Privacy Shield supports five most used web browsers that includes Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Safari. It guarantees complete scan and delete all potentially exposed files and information to give maximum protection. It cleans all advertising/tracking cookies that collect your information.

Schedule Cleaning

  • You don't have to sit in front of your PC to run the cleaning process. You can schedule Privacy Shield according to your preferences and it will automatically run for you.

IM & Chat Records compatible

  • Broad portfolio of Privacy Shield Software also includes intense cleaning of online chats and instant messaging history. Records of all online calls, messages, and chats will be completely deleted.

Personalized Anonymity Preferences

  • You can set your preferences and define what is to be deleted and what's not. You can use Privacy Shield Setting's option to exclude specific applications and information from general system cleaning process.
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