CompuClever Overview

CompuClever Systems Inc. is a software technology company specializing in PC optimization solutions. Combining products and services, we bring enhanced performance and stability to your PC. CompuClever was founded with a single-minded devotion to just one thing: to empower you to rediscover the joy of computing. Our mission is to bring our customers effective yet easy-to-use solutions that remove the common frustrations of personal computing.

Manufacturer: CompuClever
Price (RRP): $29.27
Special offers:
Platforms: Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista SP2 (32/64-bit)
Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
Requirements: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz or equivalent processor
512 MB RAM and 150 MB free hard disk space
Active Internet connection for product registration, activation and updates
Internet Explorer 6

Product Details

PC TuneUp Maestro

Simple to use, yet incredibly effective, PC TuneUp Maestro represents the most advanced suite of PC maintenance software tools available today. Using advanced error analysis and resolution technology, PC TuneUp Maestro fixes, cleans and optimizes your PC, giving it peak performance and stability.

Open File Support

Cannot open a file downloaded from internet or received as an email attachment? Open File Support scans your PC to identify the root causes and fixes the issues for you. Should your PC need to install a viewer application? Open File Support guides your to download and install the most appropriate software to open your files.

Fix-it Center

Tired of dealing with repeated PC errors or ongoing performance issues? Fix-it Center provides effective solutions to deal with specific PC stability and performance issues. Directly working with customers, our Technical Support Team and Development Team work closely to keep track of common PC problems, design and implement solutions, and make them available to you through Fix-it Center.

Powerful Tools, Easy to Use

What if you could get a comprehensive diagnostic snapshot of your PC's system health, and then click a button to fix everything and optimize your system - all in a matter of in minutes? PC TuneUp Maestro is simply that powerful - and powerfully simple!

Enhance PC Performance & Stability

  • Every time you install and remove software there are "fragments" left in your registry settings which slow things down. Using advanced error analysis and resolution technology, PC TuneUp Maestro scans your registry to help clean and repair it.

Optimize Operating Speed

  • Registry and disk defragmentation features optimize your system registry and hard drives, producing a cleaner, more compact system that takes up less disk space and consumes fewer memory resources.

Speed Up Windows Start Up

  • Stop any unnecessary applications or programs from being automatically started when Windows boots up.

Safe and Reliable Protection

  • Fix and clean your PC with confidence. Protect the integrity of your Windows system settings and configurations. Our Backup & Restore feature keeps your system safe and reliable.

Your Very Own PC TuneUp Maestro

  • We offer a complete solution to your need for a better PC. Our knowledgeable and friendly technical support team members are always at your service. You also receive regular product updates as we continuously advance our technologies and improve our solutions.


  • Open File Support
  • Fix-it Center
  • Powerful Tools, Easy to Use
  • Enhance PC Performance & Stability
  • Optimize Operating Speed
  • Speed Up Windows Start Up
  • Safe and Reliable Protection
  • Your Very Own PC TuneUp Maestro

PC Clean Maestro

Your PC often stores unwanted “junk” files and traces of your personal information including passwords, credit card information, and email / chat communications. This occurs without your knowledge or consent. As a result your PC runs slower and exposes you and your family to identity and security theft. PC Clean Maestro removes unwanted files and it eliminates confidential information so your PC is clean and safe.

PC Clean Maestro - Powerful, Effective and Easy-to-use

Designed for computer users of any level of expertise and experience, PC Clean Maestro is simple to use and yet incredibly effective. The Scan & Clean process locates any traces of personal identity information that are not needed and it finds unwanted junk files and data. Afterwards you are presented with a Scan report where you can review the findings at both a summary and detail level. Once you have reviewed the findings, cleaning your PC is as simple as pressing a button. You can also use the Uninstall Tool to cleanly remove old applications that are rarely used.

Prevent Identity Theft

Online identify theft happens more often and easier than most PC users imagine. Don't become a victim of identity theft. PC Clean Maestro erases all personal information such as personal ID, passwords, credit card data and banking information.

Safeguard Your Privacy

What secrets could your PC tell? Don't let your private details become public knowledge. PC Clean Maestro finds and erases all traces of Internet cookies, history data, and privacy files pertaining to email and instant messaging.

Remove Junk Files

  • Over time your PC is left with temporary files, leftover file remnants from uninstalled applications, log files, Windows error reports, and much more. PC Clean Maestro finds and safely cleans these items to make your PC clean and fast.

Uninstall Any Application Cleanly

  • Most application uninstallers leave files or registry keys behind. PC Clean Maestro provides you the ability to completely remove program file leftovers and delete remnant registry keys.

Always Clean & Safe

  • Clean and safeguard your PC on a regular basis. PC Clean Maestro provides a handy scheduling feature that automatically scans your PC so you don't leave it unattended for long periods of time.

Product Updates & Support

  • We offer a complete solution to address your needs for a better PC. Our knowledgeable and friendly technical support team members are always at your service. You also receive regular product updates.


  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Safeguard Your Privacy
  • Remove Junk Files
  • Uninstall Any Application Cleanly
  • Always Clean & Safe
  • Product Updates & Support

Ultra eBook Reader

Get the Ultimate PC Reading Experience!


  • Instantly open and read eBooks, PDF, comics, and other document file types.
  • Convert eBook and document files to text files for easy sharing.
  • Print eBooks and documents to make real paper copies.
  • Free product update and technical support for one year.

Ultra File Opener

The Ultimate Viewer for All PC Files!


  • Open over 280 different file types, including images, documents, data, and archived files.
  • Convert files to commonly supported file types for easy sharing.
  • Make beautiful prints with multiple printing templates.
  • Free product update and technical support for one year.
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